Starting Point

Offering continuing education for nurses experiencing burnout….

Originally designed for nurses with burnout, the retreat (with 24 hours of continuing education credit) is open and adaptable to anyone. It is great fit for artists, writers, and creative persons wanting to delve deeper, and more abstractly, into the source of our creativity. The retreat has its basic “bones” for the presentation, but also follows an organic path that shows up with each group. A wonderful handout is given which includes many resources for further investigation.

Burnout can happen with anyone, in any job situation or life phase. No one is immune to it and its pattern is unique to each of us. The causes of it are many, not for discussion in any depth here, but knowing or tracking the cause of burnout does not necessarily change it. What is offered in these nursing burnout retreats is an opportunity to get to heart of your life and work.

"Wisdom Warrior" © Elsah Cort“Wisdom Warrior” digital collage © Elsah Cort

The nursing burnout retreat curriculum has been gathered from both contemporary holistic approaches as well as the respected wisdom of our elders, found in the realm of modern physics, indigenous healing traditions and the creative arts.

Lake Kaweah at the entrance to Three Rivers, California
photo © Elsah Cort