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• the inner source is limitless • change is life • explore burnout in a mountain setting near Sequoia National Park •

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When you do what you came here to do,
then I can do what I came here to do.
When I do what I came here to do,
then you can do what you came here to do.
First step, showing up.

Burnout can happen with anyone, in any job situation or life phase. No one is immune to it and its pattern is unique to each of us. The causes of it are many, not for discussion in any depth here, but knowing or tracking the cause of burnout does not necessarily change it. What is offered in these nursing burnout retreats is an opportunity to get to heart of your life and work.

The nursing burnout retreat curriculum has been gathered from both contemporary holistic approaches as well as the respected wisdom of our elders, found in the realm of modern physics, indigenous healing traditions and the creative arts.

The Deeper Well Retreats is held in Three Rivers, California,
near the main entrance to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

Instructor: Elsah Cort, RN, CMT
24 hours CE for California and Nevada nurses.
CA Nursing Board Provider #13161

The Retreat was originally designed for nurses, but are open and usefull for anyone.


Your hand moves
and the fire's whirling takes on a different shape.
All things change when we do
(Kukai, 8th century zen master)